Design Tips To Turn Your Living Room Into A Social Hub

Nothing beats a comfortable living space where you can sit with friends and talk or enjoy a movie night with your family. Comfort is a key aspect of creating a relaxed living space where people want to hang out and be together. Once you have a style and perfect position for your seating, building on the final touches to create a living room that becomes a social hub will seem like a piece of cake.

Here are some tips for creating a cozy living space where you can host friends. One that they will want to hang out around for hours or have a relaxing night in with their family.

Bring in different types of seating

“When creating a space that is a social hub where you want people to feel comfortable and stick around this means creating a comfortable spot for people of all ages. One of the easiest ways to do this is to bring in more than one style of seating.” – tip by Maggee Miggins, South Orange Realtor®

A big comfy sofa will look enticing to anyone who wants to cozy up and kick their shoes off but it may look troublesome to mobility-impaired individuals that would prefer more support and something that is easier to get out of. The youngest visitors or residents of the home may prefer a comfy space on the floor that allows them to enjoy their toys.

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Arrange furniture to face each other

Seating that faces other seating in the room instead of the TV allows for conversation to more easily be enjoyed. You want to also make sure that furniture pieces are placed close enough to each other so that you do not have to feel like you need to shout across the room to be heard by the person facing you. If you have room, one of the easiest ways to do this is with the use of two sofas.

Don’t forget about plenty of table space

Sitting down in a comfy spot with a snack or a drink that has nowhere to go creates a bit of discomfort and awkwardness. Don’t forget to bring in plenty of tables that allow you and your guests the ease of being able to set down their drink or food right next to them. This could be with the use of a coffee table as well as side tables. Or maybe just a cute collection of smaller side tables placed strategically.

If you have a large corner sofa you might even consider bringing in a giant ottoman/footstool that you can set a tray upon. This not only provides tablespace but doubles as an area to comfortably put your feet up and snuggle in for movie night.

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Lighting is always important

So often overlooked the right lighting will create an overall mood to your room. Lighting does a lot for the ambiance of any room. You want to make sure you’re not just thinking about the main lighting that goes on when you flick the light switch but also extra layers of lighting to create warmth and energy.” – tip by Pam Pester, Commercial Tampa Realtor®

Once you have mastered all of these elements you will be ready to put a few finishing touches on your social hub living area. This can include items like some comfy throw blankets, some plants, and a few decorative items to finish out the overall look and style of your space.

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